Vestil EHN-20-C Heavy Duty Steel Foldable Shop Crane Engine Hoist with 2K Folding Legs Review

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  • Weight: 168 pounds
  • Brand Name : Vestil
  • Model/ Part Number : EHN-20-C
  • Material Type : Steel
  • Lifting Capacity : 250lbs – 2000lbs

Features and Benefits :

  • This hoist can be equally useful to both the home mechanic as well as in industrial settings.
  • It is designed to be portable and it occupies less space than many others. To find the exact dimensions – Check Here at
  • It is made up of high quality durable steel.
  • Variable lifting capacity that is dependent on the boom extension:
    • 2000 lbs capacity at 35-1/4″ boom length and 13-3/4″ to 73-1/4″ boom height
    • Capacity 1500 lbs at 38-3/4″ boom length and 10-1/2″ to 76″ boom height
    • 1000 lbs capacity at 42-1/2″ boom length and 7-1/4″ to 79″ boom height
  • This hoist plays a crucial role in mid-range industrial sector. It can be used to move gas cylinders, bulky materials and (obviously engines) with ease.
  • The high capacity cylinder which is automatically equipped provides faster and impressive lifting action with ease.
  • It can equip angled loads and loads which are to be handled with care.
  • The lift comes with a simple manual for easy weight references and required boom extension lengths for whatever weight you are lifting.
  • This efficient machine can lift 500lbs to 2000lbs weights easily and is built with two swivel and two rigid casters for manoeuverability.

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Things to Consider

Keep in mind that this engine hoist is designed mainly for the industrial setting; however, if it suits your needs then go for it! Don’t forget to check shipping prices before you purchase.  Though you can attach it to a vehicle it requires some experience to handle it practically.

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