Selecting A Suitable Automotive Lift

An automotive lift is a very useful device to have in just about any garage. As a matter of fact, you can purchase one to use in your home garage or to use in an auto repair shop. It will lift just about any type of vehicle, but you will have to select your model wisely. Every model is specifically designed to be used with certain types of vehicle, so if you choose one that is not suitable for the vehicles you work on, it may be dangerous.

Prior to purchasing an automotive lift, it’s a good idea to gain some familiarity with the various types of lifts and the features they offer. This will ease the job of selecting the lift that is best for your purposes and maintain your safety simultaneously.

Selecting The Right Type Of Automotive Lift

The type of automotive lift that will suit your needs depends upon the type of vehicles you will work on, the frequency of use, where it will be used, and your available space.  After you are aware of all of these factors, you will be able to choose a suitable lift.

Features Of Various Types Of Automotive Lift

Examine the features of the different types of automotive lifts to find the type that best fits your needs.

Two Post Automotive Lifts

This type of lift works very well for home garages. It uses a small amount of space and comes in two styles. There are symmetrical two post lifts which have the two posts directly across from one another. This will center the weight of the vehicle and it works best for vehicles that have a lot of weight in their rear.  Asymmetrical two post lifts will hold the weight of the vehicle toward the front and leave more room to gain access to the vehicle’s interior.

Four Post Automotive Lifts

This type of lift has a very sturdy design and it will stay stable under very heavy loads. You will normally be able to drive a vehicle directly on to the rails of this lift.  However, it will take up more space than the two post lifts. This is the type of lift frequently used in automotive repair shops.

Scissor Style Automotive Lifts

This type of lift is great for home garages. It doesn’t take up much space and it provides excellent access to vehicle undercarriages.

Automotive Lifts Used To Store Vehicles

If you need to keep a vehicle stored for a prolonged time frame, you will need to store it on a lift that is secure and stable. The two types of automotive lifts that are great for automotive storage are:

Single Post Automotive Lift

This type of lift works well for trucks, cars, RVs, and boats. It will have one arm and a wide platform that will be mounted for stability.

Two Post Automotive Lift

This type of lift will require no mounting or anchoring. The platform of this lift will safely hold a vehicle for a prolonged time period and keep the undercarriage well protected.