Best 2 Ton Engine Hoist Showdown! (Best 5 in 2022)

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What is an Engine Hoist?

OK, so before we dive into the top 5, lets understand a little more about what an engine hoist is, how it can be used effectively and speficially what type of 2 ton engine hoist will fit your needs. If you want to skip ahead, just use the table of contents below this section and it will get you to the reviews section.

Vehicle parts, including engines and transmissions can be lifted from cars using engine hoists.

2 Ton Engine Hoist Types

There are four main types of engine hoists:

  • Mechanical chain hoist,
  • Manual chain hoist, and
  • Electric chain hoist
  • Hydraulic Crane Hoist

It is also worth while to note that in some cases, you may benefit from something known as a Gantry Crane. A gantry crane doesn’t specifically lift the engine, but rather allows you to position your chain hoist where you need it, and allow you to reposition and move the the engine or transmission once it has been withdrawn from the vehicle.

Table of Contents

Engine Hoist vs. Engine Crane

Best 2 Ton Engine Hoist

You may have observed that quite often, “engine hoist” and “engine crane” are used interchangeably on other websites and even by some manufacturers.

However, this both are quite distinct from one another. The term “hoist” is used to describe anything that is used to lift or lower an object. A hoist for engines can so lift or lower your engine.

An engine crane however, also has the ability to move the engine around, in addition to raising or lowering it.

Lifting Capacity Explained

The hydraulic ram‘s power and boom length determine the range of the weight lifting capabilities.

The general rule is that the longer the boom is extended, the less weight it can lift.

For example, if you were to hold a reasonalbly sized exercise weight close to your body – it would be relatively easy. In the same way, a boom arm that is not extended will lift a heavy weight without issues.

If you were to take that same exercise weight and extend your arm, you would very quickly struggle to hold it in place for any length of time.

The capacity at maximum boom arm extension should always be carefully considered when buying an engine hoist or crane hoist.

The lifting boom’s length is the second consideration. This determines how high we can raise a load with a ram and how far into an engine compartment it can reach. It also determines where the centre of the weight is that we are lifting.

The Top 5 List – 2 Ton Engine Hoist and Cranes

OK, so here we are…. the top 5!

If you’re anything like me, you probably just want to know what the top pick is…. the thing is, it was super difficult to choose between these two, as it really depends on your workshop scenario, so I have officially nominated these options as my top 2 below:

>> TOP PICKS – 2 Ton Engine Hoist <<

Best 2 Ton Engine Hoist (Shop Crane)Best 2 Ton Engine Hoist (Chain Hoist)
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There is a significant price difference between the two. The shop crane is in significantly more expensive than the Chain hoist, however there are some very good reasons for this. Primarily, the maneuverability that you get from a shop crane cannot be rivaled by a chain hoist, unless you are using an electric motorised chain hoist on a gantry.

#5 – SPECSTAR Hand Chain Hoist 1 Ton 2000 Lbs Capacity 10 Feet with 2 Heavy Duty Hooks, Manual Chain Fall for Warehouse Building Automotive Machinery Red

Specs & Features

  • SPECIFICATIONS – The SPECSTAR small manual hand lift chain block hoist has a capacity of up to 2 Ton / 4,409 lbs. and is built of premium alloy steel; Chains made of 1/4″ diameter 20Mn2 steel are certain to assist with industrially demanding tasks.
  • DURABLE DESIGN – Mounted with a manual chain made of alloy steel with a black oxide finish that resists corrosion and dirt; To increase durability, steel gear milling is combined with forge heating of the heavy-duty chain; The chain and gear system are shielded by a cold-rolled steel cover, which further increases the stability of this hoist.
  • HIGH QUALITY BRAKE – The product has a mechanical load brake that enables customers to control it precisely and securely; Steel gears that share the load aid in precise control and minimise the need for maintenance and repair.
  • Built to comply with ASME B30.16 Overhead Hoist Safety Standards;  Features precisely machined drive train components, prelubricated ball bearings, and 360-degree spinning completely forged drop-down steel hooks that are assured to perform smoothly and require the least amount of physical labour.
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS – This manual chain hoist is appropriate for usage in the majority of industrial settings, including factories, farms, garages, warehouses, shipyards, transportation, construction sites, workshops, and mines.

#4 – VEVOR Hand Chain Hoist, 4400 lbs /2 Ton Capacity Chain Block, 8ft/2.5m Lift Manual Hand Chain Block, Manual Hoist w/Industrial-Grade Steel Construction for Lifting Good in Transport & Workshop, Red

Specs & Features

  • HIGH BEARING FORCE – This hand chain hoist has a peak lifting height of 8 feet (2.5 metres) and a 4400 lb (2 tonne) lifting capacity, which is more than enough for the majority of industrial applications and daily use. It can lift big objects of various sizes
  • CONVENIENCE AND STABILITY – Provided by the chain block’s heavy-duty steel hook with a secure clasp. Additionally, it can spin 360 degrees without twisting or bending.
  • SECURE AND PROTECTED – Even under difficult circumstances, this high-quality alloy steel lifting chain is resilient. It is more stable and considerably increases security and dependability thanks to the superior brake and load-sharing gears.
  • DURABLE SHELL – The manual hand lift’s shell is made of hardened steel, which requires minimum maintenance and protects the inner components and gear system from wear. You can release the trapped chain with the aid of an uncurled hand chain housing.
  • USES – The majority of industrial settings, including factories, garages, warehouses, shipyards, transportation, construction sites, workshops, and mines, can employ this manual hoist.

#3 – Strongway Hydraulic Engine Hoist with Load Leveler – 2-Ton Capacity, 1in.-82 5/8in. Lift Range

Specs & Features

#2 – BIG RED TR9020 Torin Manual Hand Lift Steel Chain Block Hoist with 2 Hooks, 2 Ton (4,000 lb) Capacity, Red

I think this manual hoist is a great deal for the price. But it’s probably not something you would want to be useing every day.

Before I used it for the first time, I washed off the oily black chain, I found that this made it a lot easier to use, you might want to do the same.

I found that the lift chain can sometimes gets stuck (I’m sure the oiled chain would have helped) and needs to reversed to get the gear to feed correctly.

If you take care of this and use it sparingly, it should last a lifetime.

Specs & Features

  • CAPACITY – The 2 tonne (4,000 lb) load capacity manual hand lift chain block hoist is equipped with a mechanical load brake for precision operation.
  • LONG LASTING – 1/4″ diameter chains are made from superior 20Mn2 alloy steel with a black oxide coating for increased corrosion and dirt resistance;
  • BEND AND TWIST RESISTANT – Equipped with two heavy-duty steel hooks that swivel a complete 360 degrees without bending or twisting;
  • LOW FRICTION – Roller ball bearings are installed on rotating components to reduce friction and boost efficiency.
  • MANY APPLICATIONS – Ideal for usage in factories, building sites, garages, workshops, warehouses, farms, docks, wharves, and mines.
  • LOAD-SHARING GEARS – make lifting heavy weights simple.

#1 – PERFORM TOOL W41029 Folding Wheeled Engine Crane for Vehicle Maintenance, Yellow, 2-ton Capacity

This hoist really surprised me with how nicely it worked. I. used this to move to 6.0 LS engines. The back and front heads were mounted at the time. I found there to be plenty of chain with the intake off. The hole I used did put pressure on the fuel rail, but that could be avoided. The chain was just long enough to use with the intake on, but it would be easier to remove it first. Flared anchor points like engine lift shackles are a plus.

I did read that in one review, the shackle point did snap. That would ruin a new long block. But my two were good. Common sense tells me not to operate under the engine while it’s raised.

Overall, it’s a wonderful deal for the price, but it feels a little cheap. I’d only use this on gas engines without a transmission.

Specs & Features

  • ENGINE SUPPORT – Lifts and supports car engines during service work, allowing for more convenient access to component parts.
  • FOLDING – Legs and extensions can be folded up while not in use, which meants it can be conveniently stored.
  • HEAVY-DUTY SWIVEL CASTERS – Daster wheels make it simple to go in and out of busy businesses and garages; 360-degree movement
  • SAFE AND SECURE –  telescoping boom with a chain and a hook for adjustment
  • CAPABILITY – 2 tons and 4,000 pounds of capacity

This 2 ton engine hoist cherry picker ship crane folding lift is a machine used in the garage to lift or move car engines from one place to another. It can also be used to lift vehicles that are not exceeding two tons, However; keep in mind that the 2 ton rating is referring to when the boom arm is in the full retracted position. As you extend the boom arm, the maximum lifted load rating reduces quickly.

  • 4-position boom
  • low clearance
  • push handle that is well fixed with rubber grips. These grips offer easy manoeuvring to the machine user.

Specifications and Features of New 2 Ton Engine Hoist Cherry Picker Shop Crane Folding Lift

A new 2 ton engine hoist cherry picker ship crane folding lift include:

  • 360 Degree Rotating Wheels
  • The closed boom capacity is 4000 lb
  • Manufactured with 1/4″ High Quality Steel
  • Hydraulic Ram Cylinder
  • the extended boom  capacity is 1000 lb.
  • The open boom has the height of 8’6″ while that of closed boom is 4′.
  • The bottom hook of the machine goes up to 8′ while the
  • folded dimensions are 31″ x (L) x 29″ (W) x 50″ (H)

The Pros

  • It is adjustable and can be folded up easily. This means you do not require a lot of space in the garage to store it.
  • It is one of the cheapest crane in the market
  • It is a long engine hoist to allow you to work on wide or long vehicles
  • It does not break down easily

The Cons

  • The product finish isn’t of the highest standard, but then, it’s not the most expensive
  • Make sure you have a solid, flat surface to run the engine hoist on.

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