Electric Hoist – What does that mean?

An electric hoist is a device with a motor on it that is powered by electricity and it is normally used to lift and to lower heavy objects. These lifts are particularly useful in auto repair shops where heavy car parts must be lifted on a regular basis.  Electric hoists are used to avoid strain and injury on people who need to move heavy objects.

Who Would Need An Electric Hoist?

Electric hoists are used in a large variety of work areas. They are commonly found in auto repair shops, warehouses, dockyards, and by many individuals doing work in their private residences. There are really a wide variety of places where electric hoists are utilized. Anyone that needs to lift relatively heavy weights on a regular basis can make use of one.

How Does An Electric Hoist Work?

An electric hoist must first be attached to a structure that can bear load, such as a steel beam, jib crane, or mobile gantry. After the device is secured, its chain system can then be lowered using an electronic control pad. There is generally a hook at the end of the chain and it may be attached directly to the load, however, an additional chain or web sling is frequently used so that it can be placed around the center of gravity of the object being lifted to prevent the object from tipping. The sling can then be attached to the electric hoist’s hook and the object can be slowly lifted at first, until its stability can be ascertained.

The majority of electric hoists will use some type of safety features in order to prevent loads from slipping and to prevent overloading, which may be very dangerous. Electric hoists function using a clutch system. This will provide a mechanism whereby the chain will slip at a torque that is preset. This will prevent overloading. In some types of electric hoists there is a mechanical overload limit and the chain will engage mechanically with a switch.  Almost all electric hoists that are sold today have a safety switch or emergency off button that will terminate power to the unit immediately if a problem occurs.