How To Purchase An Electric Chain Hoist

If you have come to the realisation that you need an electric chain hoist, it is likely that you have some knowledge of this product by now, nevertheless, there are some people that need further information.

When you are selecting an electric chain hoist suppliers will usually ask you a variety of questions to help to decide on a suitable model. We will help to make you cognizant of things you should consider and a more savvy buyer. If you are interested in purchasing an electric chain hoist visit

The Working Load Of The Electric Chain Hoist

The working load that is safe to use for a particular electric chain hoist is often referred to as the S.W.L. This is a critical factor when buying a hoist. This will be the maximum load that your hoist can lift. You should make sure that the supporting structure you are mounting your electric chain hoist to can handle this load. The safe working load may be indicated in pounds, kilograms, or tons. Keep in mind that one ton is equal to 2000 lbs. or about 980 kilos.

Lift Height Of Your Hoist

This will usually be measure in feet in the U.S. This will be the distance from the bottom portion of your hoist to the load. This is simply the length you need to lift.

Method Of Hoist Suspension

If you are going to suspend your hoist on a beam you may be using a static suspension method.  For static suspensions your electric chain hoist will be stationary. In this case, you will be using the simplest method of suspension. You will use ‘eye’ or ‘top hook’ suspension and you will need a beam clamp. In some cases people require the hoist to move horizontally along a beam. You will need to select a trolley for this purpose. You can purchase a manual travel trolley that can be constructed as part of the electric chain hoist or bought separately to function with standard methods of suspension. The trolley will be attached to the beam with wheels that will allow users to move it along the length of the beam. If you are lifting very heavy weights this may become difficult and you may require an electric trolley.  You can purchase an electric trolley that has a single speed or multiple speeds for accurate and precise travel.

Operational Environment

In order to purchase a suitable electric chain hoist you must be aware of your environment of operation. If you are working outdoors, it will need to have brakes that are tropicalized and other precautions will be necessary to ensure its longevity.

Lifting Speed Of Your Electric Chain Hoist

The lifting speed will be in feet per minute. If you are hoisting quite a distance, you may want a more rapid lift speed. There are dual speed hoists for lifting different types of items some of which may be fragile.