Torin T31002 Engine Hoist – 1 Ton product Review

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The following information should allow you to make an informed decision before purchasing the right engine hoist to meet your needs.


  • Built from high quality steel which makes it great for heavy duty lifting.
  • The four caster wheels allow for easy maneuverability
  • It is very easy to assemble, as long as you have the tools required to do it.
  • It’s foldable construction is one of its biggest selling points that make this product such a hit. It can fit in a garage without taking much space. Therefore if space in your garage is limited, you may want to consider this hoist.

Things to consider

  • The only slight downside that a small group of customers pointed out the fact that there are only four caster wheels. They said that great care should be taken to keep these in good working condition, otherwise the hoist may not work as intended.

It comes at great price and shipping costs are quite low. All in all this hoist is great value for money.

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