Torin BIG RED T26801 Rotating Engine Stand Review – Heavy-Duty Engine Support for Smooth Work

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As an automotive enthusiast with experience working on a variety of engines, I am always on the lookout for tools that make my job easier.

In this review, I will share my experience with the Torin BIG RED T26801 Rotating Engine Stand, a heavy-duty steel engine stand designed for both foreign and domestic engine blocks.

Product Overview:

The Torin BIG RED T26801 is a rotating engine stand constructed with heavy-duty steel, ensuring long-term durability and an industrial luster. Its extra-wide base provides maximum stability, while the mounting head features four adjustable arms and 360-degree rotation, allowing for easy access to any part of the engine. The stand has a 3/4 ton (1,500 lb) load capacity and is equipped with two fixed casters and three 360-degree swivel casters for smooth maneuverability. Torin Shop Equipment, the manufacturer, is known for producing high-quality automotive tools and equipment.


  • Brand: Torin Jack
  • Item Weight: 76.8 lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 33.9 x 15.8 x 6.3 inches
  • Model Number: T26801
  • Available colors: Red

User Experience:

Assembling the Torin BIG RED T26801 was straightforward, and once assembled, the stand felt sturdy and well-balanced. The adjustable arms and 360-degree rotation made it easy to work on different parts of the engine without hassle. The swivel casters allowed me to maneuver the stand smoothly around my workshop.

You can download a copy of the assembly guide from the manufacturer by clicking here:

Performance Evaluation:

Compared to other engine stands I have used, the Torin BIG RED T26801 stands out in terms of durability, stability, and ease of use. Its 1,500 lb load capacity accommodates most engine blocks, and the wide base provides additional stability during work.

Suitability and Use Cases:

The Torin BIG RED T26801 is ideal for automotive enthusiasts and professional mechanics alike. Its heavy-duty construction and versatile design make it suitable for a wide range of engine types. However, for engines exceeding the stand’s weight capacity, alternative options may be required.

Product Evolution:

While I cannot speak to the evolution of this specific model, Torin has a history of producing reliable and high-quality automotive tools. The T26801 model is an excellent example of their continued commitment to innovation and quality.

Key Decision-Making Factors:

When choosing an engine stand, consider factors such as load capacity, stability, and ease of use. The Torin BIG RED T26801 excels in all these areas, making it a top choice for those in need of a reliable and versatile engine stand.

Design Choices and Impact on Users:

The Torin BIG RED T26801’s design choices, such as the adjustable arms and swivel casters, enhance user experience by providing easier access to engine components and smooth maneuverability. These features make it a user-friendly option for both amateur and professional mechanics.

After scouring a number of customer reviews, there seemed to be some similar themes that kept appearing. I have combined my thoughts and those of other real customers into a helpful list of Pros and Cons.

Pros & Cons from Real – Paying Customers


  • Well-built and sturdy: Many customers found the engine stand to be robust and well-designed, capable of holding various engines with no issues.
  • Folding and storage: The folding option of the stand makes it easy to store when not in use.
  • Easy assembly: Several customers mentioned that the engine stand was easy to put together.
  • Mobility: The engine stand is easy to move around with its solid wheels.


  • Packaging and shipping: A few customers experienced damaged packaging, and some parts were damaged or missing upon arrival. However, most customers found no issues with the engine stand itself.
  • Poor instructions: Some customers found the instructions to be unclear, particularly regarding the identification of bolts and nuts.
  • Compatibility issues with engine cranes: Some customers mentioned that the front leg of the stand is too wide to fit between the legs of the engine crane, making it difficult to transfer the engine from the crane to the stand.
  • Stability concerns for specific engines: While most users found the stand to be stable, a few mentioned that it did not hold their engines securely, causing the engine to rock back and forth.

Conclusion and Recommendation:

The Torin BIG RED T26801 Rotating Engine Stand is a durable, stable, and versatile option for anyone working with engine blocks. Its heavy-duty construction and user-friendly features set it apart from competitors. I highly recommend the T26801 as the best overall engine stand for those in need of a reliable and high-quality product.

This engine stand seems to be a decent quality product at its price point, with most customers satisfied with their purchase. However, it’s essential to consider the cons before making a decision.

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