500 Lb Pickup Truck Hydraulic Pwc Dock Jib Engine Hoist Crane Hitch Mount Review

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Here are some of the specs for this TMS brand hitch mount engine hoist:

  • Lifting Capacity of 500lb
  • Has the ability to rotate a full 360 degrees. (This is very useful when loading and unloading you pickup truck)
  • Powered Three (3) Ton hydraulic ram
  • Boom extension From 39 ½ inches to 54 inches
  • Truck fitting is crafted to fit any 2 inch receiver hitch
  • Comes in Red
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Features and benefits

  • One of the great features of this hitch mounted engine hoist is that it is houses a powerful hydraulic ram jack that really does let you get the job done.
  • The construction of the hoist consists of a premium metal for longevity and durability. This means you won’t need to replace it in 6-12 months because it’s worn out – saving your back pocket! This includes the chain and hook which are both constructed from high quality metal.
  • The swiveling boom is able to rotate at an angle of 360 for easy loading.
  • The boom can also extend from 39 ½ inches to 54 inches. This is perfect for unloading and loading trucks.
  • Lowering of the load could not be any easier and is achieved by simply turning the crane’s handle.
  • By far the greatest feature of this hoist is that it can fit in any two inch receiver hitch of any make or model pickup truck.

The crane can be used for lifting things like;

  • Machines
  • Air conditioners
  • Trees and
  • Water heaters

Allowing you to take them on and off the pickup truck with ease. It can also be used to unload and load from one pickup to another.  It is capable of delivering and hoisting items off your semi truck without any issues

Things to Consider

Something to think about before you make a purchase are the following.

  • Do you have a 2 inch receiver hitch on your truck?
  • Has your pickup been raised? If it has you might need to make adjustments to your load because the chain on the hoist may be too short to reach the ground. If this is the case you may want to think about purchasing a load leveler.
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  1. What is the weight of the unit and what is the size when folded down?

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