What Size Chain for Engine Hoist?

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Without the right chain, your engine hoist wont do much.

To lift an engine, you need a chain of the proper size. Working out what size chain for engine hoist is vital to avoid injury and damage to your engine.

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What size chain for engine hoist?

What size chain for engine hoist?

A good size chain for an engine hoist is two feet. This should be more than enough for most engine hoists. If you cannot get your hands on it, getting chains long is a good idea. If you already have a lengthier chain, you can cut it with a grinder or put the bolt in the link so that it provides you with the appropriate length.

The chain’s right length will help you lift the engine easily. However, it is equally important to know more about the type of chain you need.

What kind of chain do I need to pick up an engine?

To buy the right type of chain for your engine hoist, you also need to consider two different factors. These include:

  1. Weight carrying capacity:

It is always a good idea to buy a chain that can handle a weight of up to 5000 lbs. That way, even lifting the heavier engines, you will not have to worry about getting a new chain. Even if the capacity of the engine hoist is less, it is a good idea to get a sturdy chain. That way, you can also use it on a sturdier hoist in the future.

  1. Attachments:

On both ends of the chain, there should be hooks. Sure enough, you can attach hooks at a later stage. However, if you want to eliminate any weak links in the chain, buying a chain that already comes with the hooks is better. That way, you won’t have to worry about the structural integrity of the chain.

When it has hooks right from the start, you will be able to use the chain immediately without requiring further modification like building the hooks.

Once you consider these two factors along with the length, it is easy to choose the right type of chain for the engine hoist.

Where do you attach engine hoist chains?

The best spot to attach the engine hoist to the chain set is at the rear of the engine. At the rear, you will find bolts of the exhaust assembly. The area around them is usually sturdy enough to attach the end of the chain to lift the engine.

In addition to that, the spot in the front can also be used to attach the hoist chains. Once you attach the chain at the back and the front, proper equilibrium will be maintained, and it will become easier to lift the engine without dangerously tilting it on one side.

How do you strap an engine to an engine hoist?

There are a few tips you follow when strapping an engine to the engine hoist.

  1. The strap should cover the length of the engine. That way, every part will be uniformly lifted, and there will be no engine tilting.
  2. You should ensure that the straps move around the bottom of the engine so that they can hold the engine while lifting.
  3. Double check the straps by pulling them up first manually 1st to ensure that they do not come loose while lifting the engine.

When you follow these three tips to attach the straps to the engine, lifting it using the engine hoist will be easy.

How big of an engine hoist do I need?

Usually, a 2 ton engine hoist is more than enough. Even though the weight of the engines is generally lesser than that, if you go with the 1 ton engine hoist, the boom length will be less, and therefore you will not be able to lift the engine efficiently. To avoid this problem, it is a good idea to go with a 2 ton engine hoist.

Apart from that, the other factors to consider include:

  • Type:

You can go with the manual engine hoist or an electric one. Of course, the electric one requires less input on your part and can easily lift the engine.

  • Size:

You have to look at the footprint of the engine hoist as well as the height. Only then can you determine whether installing it would be possible or not.

  • Lift range:

Lastly, you have to look at the overall range the engine hoist offers. That will let you know how much it can lift the engine.

Consider these few factors, and then choosing the right engine hoist chain will be easy.

Once you go through the guide above, no longer question what size chain for the engine hoist is suitable. We have answered that question and also provided you with all the other information you would need to choose the right chain for your engine hoist. Now is the time to choose the right size to chain so you can lift the engine easily and get the repairs done.

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