Best Place to Hook an Engine Hoist Chain

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The engine’s lifting points are the best place to hook the chain of an engine hoist. These points are spread out across the engine block and are meant to support the weight of the engine.

It is important to look at the owner’s manual or service manual for your vehicle to find out where to lift the engine – this is because it can differ a lot between specific engines.

If you’re struggling to find the service manual for your vehicle, you could try looking here:

Before attaching the chain, it is also a good idea to look at the lifting points to make sure they are in good shape and can hold the weight of the engine.

best place to hook engine hoist chain

How to inspect the engine lifting points

  1. Examine the lifting points visually: Look for signs of damage, like cracks, bends, or things that don’t look right.
  2. Test the lifting points. If you can, carefully put a small amount of weight on the lifting points to see if they hold.
  3. If you are still not confident in the strength and durability of the lifting points, have a mechanic check them for you.

In Summary

When using an engine hoist, it is important to only lift the engine at the designated points. This will make sure that the engine is lifted safely and securely. Do not use any other parts of the engine or vehicle to lift the engine, as this could cause damage or injury.

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